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If you’re feline like today’s the kind where all you want to do is kick back with a cocoa and gaze at cat pictures, we feel you. Lucky for you, we’re here with a list of breeds the Cat Fanciers’ Association placed as its top 10 most popular. If you’ve not a scooby what we’re referring to but anything with cat in the name turns your head (you’re not alone), the US-based organization is the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats. 


For the third year running, Ragdoll cats have taken the top spot as America’s most popular cat breed. Why? Well just look at that fluffy, long-haired coat, those milky-blue eyes and pointed color patterns! You might be wondering where these cuties got their name – well they go pretty limp when picked up, so along with always being keen for a cwtch (look it up, it’s our new favorite word), their placid and docile disposition makes them all too easy to love.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats, otherwise known as the gentle giant of the feline world, come in second place in America’s most popular cat breeds. The largest domesticated cat breed (with males weighing in at just over a whopping 18 pounds) originates in North America in – you guessed it – the state of Maine, where they’re the official state cat! It’s not just their size or those stunning, smushy coats that make these cuties so popular though. Maine Coons have EXTRA TOES. We aren’t pulling your paw – almost half are born with polydactyl, a condition which means they’re born with more toes than other cats. Why is this such a cool feature? Well they’re even more nimble, stealthy climbers than their normal-toed feline friends.

Exotic Shorthair

Ding ding, in at lucky number three are Exotic Shorthair cats – the pinched-face, googly-eyed cuties bred as short-haired versions of the Persian. More popular than their ancestor breed, these fluffballs wear a fur jacket that’s much easier to maintain, only needing a brush around once a week – so much easier for pet parents and cat sitters.


The grandparents of the Exotic Shorthair follow closely behind at number four. Also known as the Persian longhair, these cuties are complete with a coat far fluffier coat than their descendents. Not only are they popular on the cartoon cat scene, Persians are one of the longest-standing domesticated cats. Originally kept as pets in Persia, the cuties were imported to Italy in around 1620, spreading their popularity (and that fur) across the globe.

Devon Rex

In at number five is the stand-up-eared, short-haired Devon Rex. We think they’re adorable (naturally), but their alien-like appearance can be a little divisive in the cat world! Looks aside, the Devon Rex makes a wonderful pet – they love to be around those they love, and don’t like to be left alone for too long. Along with their loving nature, they’re pretty brainy, too. Full of energy with the ability to learn tricks, the Devon Rex will keep you on your toes and never short of entertainment.

British Shorthair

Yep, the British Shorthair has made number six in America’s most popular cat breeds. We’re not surprised by this one – Shorthairs (of all kinds) are amongst some of the most common cat types out there. Common cats like the British Shorthair are popular for their low-maintenance fur and teddy bear appearance. This fluffball is the pedigreed version of the traditional British domestic cat, known for its stout stature, dense jacket and wide face. You might have seen this cutie with a ‘British blue’ coat, which is solid gray-blue fur, usually topped with marble-like amber eyes.


In at number seven is one of the most popular and therefore common American cat breeds, the Abyssinian. This beauty’s short hair reveals a slender, elegant form that’s madefor efficient fence hopping. So, where does the name come from? Well these cuties originate from Ethiopia, which was previously known as Abssinia. They’re as playful and human-loving as they are elegant – just look at that warm brown, ticked tabby coat and those up-turned, army-green eyes.

American Shorthair

These cuties had to make the list of common cat breeds in the US! American shorthair cats are thought to originate from the European cats that accompanied settlers in North America. Why? Well they were pretty skilled at protecting cargo from mice and rats – it was all fun and games for these cuties, anyway. Now a popular domestic Shorthair cat, these fluffballs are thought to have been domesticated during the heights of Ancient Egypt (around 2000 BC!).

Scottish Fold

We can see why the Scottish fold is one of the most common breeds of house cats, just making the Cat Fanciers’ list at number nine. Their favorite pastime is hanging out with their humans, whether that’s playing games, chasing toys or kicking back for cuddles. Their loving nature isn’t the Scottish Fold’s most well-known feature though. The clue is in the name – this popular breed is famous for their folded ears. The genetic mutation they’re born with affects cartilage around their body, causing those adorable ears to bend forwards.


And just scraping the list is the divisive, hairless Sphynx. Also known as the Canadian Sphynx, these cuties were developed from the 1960s through selective breeding. Yep, there are lots of pet lovers out there (us included) who LOVE the look of these hairless, playful moggies!

Other popular cat breeds (that didn’t quite make the cut)

Maybe your top cat breed wasn’t amongst the Cat Fanciers’ Association’s list, but hackles down! All we can do is wish them better luck next year and dive into cute snaps of more of the most common cat breeds

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